Kellie Spokes

What an enjoyable experience and I am keeping it here on my I pad to refer back to because there are a few exercises I want to go to. I tried a couple, as I read through, with some success and I am looking forward to going back to them now. This book is warm and friendly and very accessible to anybody who is a little bit curious and would like to develop their psychic ability. The exercises are very do-able and fun. It put me in mind of those beautiful witchy books by Titania Hardie and I could see it in print supported by some stunning photographic illustrations.

Tania Kremer-Yeatman

This is a fabulous little handbook for those people wishing to explore their potential for psychic development and it provides an easy to read, step by step toolkit to enable the reader to tap into their natural intuition and develop their innate abilities. By the end of the book you will feel more refreshed and enlightened. If you are anything like me you will be both surprised and delighted at the lessons you will learn about yourself and those hidden abilities, which you always knew were just waiting to be found. The book is written in a professional, but easy to read style, which guides us smoothly through each section, always reminding us of the simple steps we need to take to protect ourselves at the beginning and end of every exercise. Not only that, for those of us just starting out, there are useful definitions of the terminology along the way, so we do not get lost or confused. I loved the fact that there are touches of humour here and there to lighten the mood and the author has successfully achieved the perfect balance with this.

Within a few days of reading, I was already practicing some of the exercises, unbeknownst to those around me. I read the book from cover to cover and then went back to revisit all the exercises in detail. Personally, I have been fascinated and thrilled by how quickly my psychic abilities have developed.

I feel this book is ideally suited to those people with any interest in the spiritual world, personal development and is particularly useful for those fairly new on the journey to psychic growth. It would be great for sceptics too because if they follow the exercises, they will soon discover the reality of their hitherto untapped abilities and it might open their eyes – and not only their third one – a little bit more. My only complaint is that I am left hungry for the next lesson and I look forward to reading further books by this new and inspiring writer. I give this little book of ‘magic’ a resounding 10 out of 10.

J Sloan

This is a great book. I have always thought I was intuitive, but never really considered taking it further. I was inspired by how easy to read and digest the information was. I have identified myself already in the section on what our dominant senses are and I really enjoyed trying out the step-by-step exercises. This is all new to me, but I am hooked. What I really like is how the book is stripped back to relate to all of us and the exercises are great fun. I have never meditated or done yoga; but I love this. After reading this book it has affirmed some of the things I wondered about and can say, I am a believer now and will recommend it to my friends who I know will love it too.

Emma Avhede

If everyone read this book, the world would definitely be a better place. Sashi has a unique intuitive and mentoring gift. Through her writing, her voice guides you through a clear understanding of the abilities that we are all born with, but perhaps have lost along the way. This book is for everyone; from those people who simply want to understand more about this subject; to those who are keen to develop their psychic abilities. Sashi really understands how individual intuitive/psychic perception manifests in a variety of ways. Through her wise words, she takes you on a journey to learn how to manage this and turn it into a gift. She supplies you with simple tools to use in ever-day life. The exercises are easy to follow and there is something to suit everyone. This book will help to take you back to that state of naturalness, which we have gradually moved away from for many years and to which we really need to return to, to live more mindful and meaningful lives.

Sashi is very special and wise and this shines through brightly in her book.


A great read for the person who needs to find out and explore their inner psychic. The author has simplified a difficult and complicated subject giving step-by-step instructions to help us reach goals in our life! Well written and thought out!”

Dr A B. M.A. Ed. D.

Sashi Radley’s enlightening book is a must have for everyone who Is awakened by or curious of those “gut feelings” they experience and the “little voice they hear in their heads