Emma Avhede

Managing Director, Hälsa Wellbeing Ltd, UK |

If everyone read this book, the world would definitely be a better place. Sashi has a unique intuitive and mentoring gift. Through her writing, her voice guides you through a clear understanding of the abilities that we are all born with, but perhaps have lost along the way. This book is for everyone; from those people who simply want to understand more about this subject; to those who are keen to develop their psychic abilities. Sashi really understands how individual intuitive/psychic perception manifests in a variety of ways. Through her wise words, she takes you on a journey to learn how to manage this and turn it into a gift. She supplies you with simple tools to use in ever-day life. The exercises are easy to follow and there is something to suit everyone. This book will help to take you back to that state of naturalness, which we have gradually moved away from for many years and to which we really need to return to, to live more mindful and meaningful lives.

Sashi is very special and wise and this shines through brightly in her book.