My first non-fiction offering.

I am so excited about this little book. Dare I say – even more excited at the proposed title. It has been a long time coming. But – I am happy to now use the word `psychic` in its proper form. Intuition and psychic abilities are all part of the same journey. We are comfortable with the word `intuition` but until recently – not many of us were comfortable with the word `psychic`.

As we approached the end of the 20th century – I opened a Holistic Centre when I noticed that the thirst for spiritual and psychic re-awakening was gathering momentum. Now – as we push forward into the 21st, more and more seekers are opening their minds. We feel the not so subtle changes taking place across the planet. Yes, we sense those changes. It does not take a shocking news item on global warming, plastic pollution, violent crime or childhood depression on an epic scale for us to know something is amiss. We realise that something must change before humanity pushes its own boundaries to the point of no return.

Attendees of my comfortably named Intuitive Development workshops nagged me to write this. So – I listened and after an appropriate gestation period Unleash your Inner Psychic became ready to be born. Now, with my new baby twitching excitedly in my arms, I wait with trepidation to present it to the world.

The answer is within us all and always has been. The return to a state of natural knowing, of natural connectedness will lead us to the natural solutions. We simply need to turn our super senses back on. Of course, for every receptive individual there will still be a large percentage who remain stoic in their scepticism. Determined to stay rigidly planted in the fear state which has been instilled – weaved into our collective dna over hundreds of years. For generations the human animal has suppressed its natural instinctive gifts for fear of being considered, not of sound mind or worse.

I suppose, that because I have always had another level of perception (and assumed everyone did); it took me a while to realise that my sensitivity and awareness may be the exception rather than the rule.

A tsunami of awakening is upon us. We can no longer hold it back. To be conscious of our natural state is the most natural way to be. Are you ready to join the new generation of seekers? Those who have remembered how they should be – how they once were. Are you ready to Unleash Your Inner Psychic?

Unleash Your Inner Psychic is written in a relatable light-hearted way, with 26 easy-to-follow exercises designed to reboot your natural state of knowing. Whether you wish to use these skills in everyday life or to become a psychic reader my intention is for this book to kick-start you into using your natural gifts in a positive way.
Unleash your Inner Psychic (along with The Ancient Power Series) is being pitched to publishers as we speak.

A few comments from readers of the draft manuscript of Unleash Your Inner Psychic.

“Sashi Radley’s enlightening book is a must have for everyone who Is awakened by or curious of those “gut feelings” they experience and the “little voice they hear in their heads”.

Dr A B. M.A. Ed. D. Adjunct Professor, Salisbury University Maryland USA

“A great read for the person who needs to find out and explore their inner psychic. The author has simplified a difficult and complicated subject giving step-by-step instructions to help us reach goals in our life! Well written and thought out!”

MW, Floral Designer, Hants UK

“Unleash Your Inner Psychic is written in a professional, but easy to read style. I have been thrilled by how quickly my psychic abilities have developed. I look forward to reading further books by this new and inspiring writer. I give this little book of ‘magic’ a resounding 10 out of 10.”

TKY Memory Advisor, Dorset UK

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